Who we are...

We're the Vintiques of Yakima, Inc. and we come from every part of the country and a dozen different walks of life. For work we don a variety of hats and pursue a wide range of professions. And we enjoy our diversity! But beneath our differences lie the strong bonds of a shared love affair with vintage autos! And it's this unwavering interest that brings us together monthly (or oftener) to share the responsibilities of Vintiques activities, the annual Northwest National Street Rod Show, and a wealth of community service projects. Vintiques of Yakima began in 1974 with a handful of energetic street rod enthusiasts who have grown to an organization of numerous families and generations, who stress street rod safety; promote family participation in club activities; and generously donate time and money to community needs.

We're often asked, "Just how old must a car be to qualify as a street rod?". Well for over 25 years we answered that question as...any car made in 1948 or earlier meet the qualifications. However, due to the fact that these classic gems are getting harder and harder to find in restorable condition, therefore, the Vintiques have decided to now include 1972 and earlier vehicles, starting with our 2006 Rod Run. Vintiques members share a boundless enthusiasm for all old cars and many have one or more to call their own; but owning a street rod is not a prerequisite for club membership. Any person of good character interested in street rodding activities and over 18 years of age is eligible for membership in the Vintiques of Yakima Car Club.

Coupes...sedans...roadsters...hi-boys...and chopped-tops - street rods, like their owners, come in all sizes and shapes! And we celebrate the fact no two vintage autos are exactly alike. While some models are carefully preserved for state occasions, others serve day in and day out as the family car. Most sport a recently manufactured "muscle" engine and a host of other contemporary amenities inside and out.

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